I am writing an email and I want to say that some information was not mentioned to us but I want it sound a bit more official and I can't get my head around how to build such phrase/sentence correctly. I was thinking about something like:

We haven't been made aware of something...

Which does not sound right. Any suggestions/alternatives please?

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We haven't been made aware of [something]... is not grammatically incorrect. Maybe the present perfect tense in the negative(haven't been made aware) makes it lengthy(and a little odd, if you see it that way).

You could say,

We received no intimation of the matter.

We weren't informed(or notified) that...

We were unacquainted with the fact that...

We did not receive any information on...

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    "unacquainted with the fact" = "didn't know" and is not the same as "was not informed"
    – Peter
    Dec 9, 2016 at 4:28

A few more alternatives and potential implications:

The matter was not communicated to us.

This one implies that the fault was on their side for failing to tell you.

There was no communiqué on the matter.

Less passive-aggressive, but also deflects blame from your self, as it does not mention your "failure" in receiving anything. (Substitute any article of correspondence you wish for "communiqué".)

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