• I want to say that I will make an appointment for client

How can I say it (besides “I'll make an appointment for you")?

1) I'll sign you in for appointment (on Saturday)

2) I'll take you on Saturday

3) I'll take you in on Saturday

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    It’s “sign you up”, not “sign you in”. You’d sign someone in after they arrived.
    – J.R.
    May 26 '18 at 13:20

You can also say

I will put you down for Saturday.

The object of for in put me down for can be a time-slot:

Put me down for 3PM.

or anything to which you are making a commitment, such as an order:

Put me down for three boxes of Samoas (Girl-Scout cookies).

or a pledge, whether of money

Put me down for $50.

or of time and effort:

Put me down for the welcome booth (that is, to man it).



sign someone up

for an appointment, by

signing them on to a list of appointments, or
putting them into a diary of appointments

and then

sign them in

when they show up for the appointment, and possibly

sign them out

when they leave.

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