I have a sentence:

"I will be dead by soon"

And there is my question. Can I use some action adding an adverb with "by" like that. I know that "I will be dead by noon" will do, but what about this one?

And I'm sorry if there are any grammar mistakes in question.

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The preposition by has a specific meaning with time expressions:

by prep
6. Not later than: by 5:30 pm.
TFD Online

If you use it, then the time expression used has to be specific, not vague or indeterminate like soon.

I will be there by ten o'clock.
I will be there by the time you are ready to leave.
I will be there by Friday.

Just ask yourself if the time expression being used works with the preposition:

I will be there not later than soon. (?)

This is grammatically possible, of course, and could be used in a flippant remark, but for most usages it would just sound odd or foreign.

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