I am learning vocabulary as I am not a native speaker , I just search word intrinsic and found its meaning as Belonging to a thing by its very nature . But I don't know how we can use it correctly Like if my brother's nature is same like me so Can I say

My brother's intrinsic like me


If we have two toy of car's and their behaviour same like moving with the remote so we can use it like

These toys are intrinsic with each other

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I think the meaning of the word intrinsic the way you want to use is given in a better way on OALD. I'm not a native speaker and thus at times, get trapped to use the word correctly in a sentence though I knew the word. The best way to overcome this is check on reputed sites (dictionaries?) how the sentences use the word in concern.

OALD gives an example there.

intrinsic to something - Small local shops are intrinsic to the town's character

And, I think it fulfills your purpose.

Since you are talking about the nature,

My brother is intrinsic to my nature.

However, I'd tell that second sentence in some other way. That's because your sentence looks strange to me.

These toy cars function in same way.

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