I am very confused when doing homework because there are four sentences which are really alike but my teacher said that they are different and I still don't understand why.

  1. "More than three-fourths of the world's mail is written in English"
  2. "About three-fourths of the world's mail is written in English".

I think that they are the same. And another two sentences that make me really confused:

  1. "Most other languages have borrowed English words."
  2. "All of the the other languages have borrowed English words'.

More than three-fourths means a quantity greater than 75%—at least 76%, perhaps 80% or 90%.

About three-fourths means a quantity approximately equal to 75%—perhaps 73%, perhaps 77%, but certainly not so small as 70% or so large as 80%.

Most other languages means more than half of the languages (usually substantially more than half—perhaps 60% or 80% or 90%), but not all of them—less than 100%.

All other languages means every single one of them, without exception—100%.

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