What word should be used for the habit of spending money less than the amount that someone/something requires?

For example, how to say:

Don't spend too little on your child's education?

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    "Don't skimp on your child's education." By the way, we say "spending too little money"--less is a comparative form. Jun 13, 2016 at 10:03

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You might want to look into these words:

  1. stingy
  2. cheap
  3. miserly
  4. tightfisted

Depending on some other context, you might also want to look at

  1. frugal
  2. scrimp

I forgot to include skimp! That one was the first one on my mind.
As StoneyB writes, we would say

Don't skimp on your child's education.

I gave a list because I was thinking of other ways to say this. Like "Don't be stingy when it comes to your kids education."


Not a verb but you can use the adjective parsimonious.

As in; "Do not be too parsimonious with your child's education".

The word describes someone who is unwilling to spend money.

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