I'm looking for a word used to describe an "exam essay", so that when I say this word, others will know I'm referring to an essay/article written according to the rules of an examination. Is there a word has this meaning?

Also, I want to know is "exam essay" a common phrase to show this meaning?

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Exam essay has the exact meaning you are looking for and is a common expression

I wrote an exam essay as practice for my class on How To Take Tests And Win

Exam essays are usually written while taking a written exam or an essay exam


In my academic history (high school, college and postgrad work in the U.S.) I had many "essay tests."

I would have understood the term exam essay to be an essay written during an exam, but I have never used that term myself. I would have referred to such a work product as "as essay I wrote for an exam."

The essay test would be an exam comprised solely of essay questions - those requiring a short essay for answers.

N-Grams registers both "exam essay" and "essay test."

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