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Look at the above picture, is it correct to say "he lay on the bed rolling himself up because of cold"?

Or Do we have a common word to express that lying position?

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    I would use 'he curled himself up because he was cold.' As a side note, if he's cold, whys he not wearing pants or socks??? – Joe Kerr Mar 3 at 1:53

It's called "fetal position", something like the disposition of an infant (fetus) in the womb. He isn't "rolling himself up" - that's a process. You need a word for a state - he is curled up.

  • What about "he lied curled up"? is it idiomatic? – Tom Mar 3 at 2:35
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    It would be "...he lay, curled up..." – tkp Mar 3 at 5:48

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