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Look up "nerve flossing" and you should find your answer. This is a specific adaptation of the word "floss" that is separate from the dental or dancing meanings.


In American football, a play is a particular strategy (either offensive or defensive) that is employed during a down of the game. Each team will have their own set of plays that are compiled into a playbook, and every member of the team is expected to have completely memorized the playbook, so they know exactly what they are supposed to do when a play is ...


I would read it as follows. Note that the dashes (-) are hyphens showing connection between spoken terms, not minus signs; I have spelled out "minus" where I would say it. Letters on their own are pronounced as single letters (i.e. "eee," "exks," "wye," "dee"). The integral from zero to one of (e to the ...


I don't know of any single verb that includes both "promote" and "demote". One could use "change" as a verb here: Change rank Change status Change level Change permissions "set" could also be used as a verb, as a comment suggests. So could "alter"/ Note that "change height" includes both "...

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